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  1. The FreeBSD World

    FreeBSD is my favorite OS, not just recently but all the way back to 2003 when Linux didn't cut it anymore for me. Given that Linux has more device drivers available, it also means more bugs, code duplication and generally speaking bad coding habits.

  2. #Xen 4 dynamic VLANs through VIF-script

    So last night i got really bored, so i tried to integrate VLANs in my existing Xen4 setup.

    While googling for solutions, i only found things where i'd have to statically allocate VLANs for every customer on every host through xend-config.sxp network-script.

    This also meant, that if i had a new customer vlan which i want to add to my host, i'd have to either restart xend or run

    /etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge start netdev=eth1 vlan=5

    Since this is absolutely not my style, i started investigating. Turns out there is a much better way to do so!