If you read my Twitter-feed, you’ll probably notice me ranting endlessly about Apple. Yes, those nice guys that sell iPods and Macs, they fuck everything up these days. But let me back up a little, since my story begins in 2004.


Back then i had my beloved Linux Workstation running Gentoo Linux. It was really sweet, everything worked the way i wanted, i’ve spent weeks configuring every little tool the way i wanted to, but then my Disk died. Well, if you buy a new HDD, you usually don’t think it will go south in the first 6 months (at least if it is in your workstation running 9hrs / day in the office).

After having restored most of the configs from my brain, i started to get the sense, that this is not right. Admittedly, my system really was cut to the hardware like a latex suite, but the days it took to get stuff almost to where they were before, it was a pain. After all, it isn’t the same anymore.. the system feels tainted and some configs still aren’t the 100% they were before.

In the end, i quit my job and didn’t care for that workstation anymore, since i was working from at home.

It all ended in my effort, to find me a OS which is easily restorable, or at least drop dead easy to get to the point you’ve had it before.

MacOS X 10.4

Worked like a charm, back then i had a hackintosh, but it worked really really nice. That’s when i decided to buy my first Mid-2007 MacPro. Nice!

Not even 10 days after i got that MacPro delivered, 10.5 was released.

MacOS X 10.5

Also, this one was quite nice! Never had any real troubles!

MacOS X 10.6

Seemed a bit slow on my (back then 2.5 year old MacPro, but it worked). But you know it, when you least expect it, something breaks… In my case the ATI broke (twice in that MacPro). After the 2nd time the Graphicsadapter got exchanged, i thought i’d get myself a GeForce for that Mac, but HA! No more where those came from. My Mac is too old and there are no other Adapters available than the ATI which keeps on breaking…

MacOS X 10.7

So 10.7 came out, and i immediately got myself a new MBP 15” since my old MacPro was really slow. Also the MacBook is nice if you have to go out to customers, since it wasn’t the slowest, even iOS Coding was possible, but still, the MacPro had to be replaced.. so i did.

The Journey ends

Ever since 10.7, Apple’s whole Quality Assurance seems to be either on Vacation or got silently fired.. NOTHING is working right anymore. Somehow that “featureset” of incompetence started swapping to iOS, especially iOS 5 is buggy like hell..

So since 10.7, i am having random kernel panics which force me to reboot on a daily basis.. Not forgetting to mention that those sudden reboots somehow seem to break Covers in my iTunes Library (AWESOME!) and invalidated one of my TrueCrypt Containers (EVEN BETTER!).

So if you are annoyed by me ranting about Apple, please consider that i’ve spend thousands of Euros on Apple Hardware, just being teased by fanboys “you must be doing something wrong”, i am sick and tired.

What i will never do again

Buy Apple Hardware. I’ll never ever ever do that again, it’s the biggest mistake a human can make. It’s crap, real crap. Not the hardware itself, but what they consider a “reliable” or “stable” OS, does not overlap with my definition.

I would understand it if my Hackintosh was rebooting all day, but my original 1.5 year old MacBook Pro acts EXACTLY the same way.

So how would you react, that whenever you are seriously working, you get a kernel panic bringing you COMPLETELY out of your flow? Would you go mad? Would you want to kick your 30 inch Apple Cinema Display including your hardware off the table?

I know i want to.. but the question was, are you falling for their hipster crap as well? I know for certain that i won’t again.