So i’ve spent the past 3 days in London, to be more specific, at Skills Matter together with David Pollak.

First off, i don’t like London. I don’t know if it’s the UK, but i defiantly hate the City for various reasons (tho i love Fish and Chips). I mainly hate it for it’s public transportation which is a nightmare. I mean i’ve been to Amsterdam, Paris, Palma de Mallorca, Hong Kong and Bali (where they don’t have real roads), but i’ve never had issues like i had in London. Confusing is an understatement.

Skills Matter

Anyhow, i love Skills Matter. The effort they put into Open Source Events is unmatched, i’ve never ever encountered a group that passionate about what they do, which is helping amazing people come together and share their knowledge and make them feel welcome.

This welcoming feeling comes from the location (which is a nice loft transformed into a hackers heaven), filled with loungy chairs as well as real ones for conferences and of course the caring Staff. I loved meeting the folks there again, especially Amy and David (Hall) as well as Wendy and Paul! You guys do an amazing job, seriously, you make me forget all about the things i don’t like about London :)

alt text

Lunch with the Guardian Guys

On the day of my arrival David Pollak and i had a nice lunch with the guys from The Guardian. It’s always nice talking to Graham, i hope next time we’ll get some one on one time :) Also the chicken was AWESOME!!! to say the least :)

The Course

So i was really nervous about what David Pollak expected me to do, i hope i didn’t let anyone down! I loved the way i was thrown into it by David, he is amazing in every aspect! The support and suggestions are unmatched to anyone i’ve ever met, so i hope you understand my excitement about meeting him. It’s always interesting, fun and i am always nervous like i was on a first date :) Ok, those 3 pints helped me loosen up and enjoying private meals with him is awesome!

alt text (he is the good looking guy, i am the one with the stupid grin ;)

So the course was interesting, it was unlike any course i’ve ever attended. This is probably due to the low number of participants which makes it tailor-made for everyone attending.

It was very interesting learning about other people’s issues and experiences with Lift, since i’ve become a true believer in the framework and i want people’s input (mostly to refute their cons ;). There is nothing like Liftweb, yes, you may quote me on that.

Overall i think i’ll be able to teach David Pollak’s Lift Basics in the future, but i am not sure i can provide a knowledge that deep, because, well let’s be serious, he is the Founder ;)

But i guess it will be a couple of months before i start teaching a course, so i’ll have plenty of time to dig a lot deeper into Lift which i am happy to do!

The Functional Programming Exchange

So this was a last minute decision which i have to thank Paul and David Hall for! :) It was interesting, but sadly Miles Sabin couldn’t make it! :( I’d really wanted to see you again!

Also watching David Pollak showing us Visi.Pro was very nice. At least now i know that if Scala gets boring, i’ll look into haskell :)

Thanks to everyone

I really wanna thank every single one i’ve met, you made me feel welcome in a City which doesn’t welcome me at all! ;)

I especially want to thank our attendees of the course :) Without you that trip wouldn’t have been possible!