First off, i’ve never thought of myself as a presenter. My dad always taught me things but i didn’t really listen, to my dismay i must add. Anyway, i think i’ve done quite okay in the past (since i got good feedback).

But this fall, you have not two, not three, but four chances of seeing (and hearing) me blab on about Scala and Liftweb stuff.

September 5th, 2012

First occasion is in Nuremberg, Germany (my home town) where i was invited to speak at this year’s Herbstcampus which is roughly “Fallcampus” in german. The whole event is german, so my Liftweb talk will be german as well.

October 15th, 2012 - UPDATE: cancelled

I will be holding one of the sacred David Pollak’s Lift Basics Workshop at Skills Matter, London!

Afterwards there will be an “In The Brain” Session with me titled Scala & LiftWeb for Web Development where i’ll be presenting my experiences with Liftweb and Netty, as well as Web-Development with Scala in general. In-depth session on Long-Polling, Comet and WebSocket requests!

December 3rd, 2012

This will be my second tour to London this Fall, where i will also be teaching a David Pollak’s Lift Basics Workshop at Skills Matter, London.

If you are a Liftweb newcomer and want to learn how to get started with Liftweb, make sure to drop your reservation early! First come, first served! ;)