If you’re running Liftweb Applications in production, you might either be using Tomcat or Jetty. If you’re using Jetty, you’ve probably stumbled across David Pollak’s jetty.tgz (i don’t find the link anymore).

While it is a nice collection of scripts and files (having ‘8G’ in file ramsize, ‘8080’ in file baseport, etc), but keeping this (even small) overlay of files in sync with an updated jetty dist tarball can be tricky.

So what does my solution differently?

Instead of having 6-7 different files (baseport, ramsize, start_prod.sh, start_pilot.sh, stop_prod.sh, stop_pilot.sh, ..) i moved them all into one shell-script which you can basically just place in your freshly extracted jetty-distribution tarball and go for it.

It does not copy your package’d war file or anything, it’s basically just an rc-script for jetty.