Kali Linux is a Penetration-Testing Distro basted on Linux. Most people reading my blog may already know that, but what you might have overheard when you’re not owning an Android-device, there is something called Kali NetHunter Linux, and it already got release in Version 2.0.

Since i ported the first half-way working version of Android to my HTC BlueAngel back in the days, these things have been on my list of “have a closer look at”. Now with a Pentest-Distro on there, that makes a lot more fun.

NetHunter provides you with almost everything you can imagine on your Android based devices. Even tho password cracking makes much more sense on another machine, capturing handshakes and sending them off for remote cracking isn’t that hard to accomplish.

Now before you jump to the download-page and ruin your nicely installed Android phone, here are a few pointers to get you on the right way.


If you’re not using MultiROM to fiddle with your Android ROMs, then you’re doing it wrong. (I’m not aware of alternatives, if so, please comment). Anyway, it lets you have multiple Android ROMs on the same phone, without having to overwrite your nicely configured CyanogenMod or Paranoid Android.

With that installed, you just boot to Rescue (provided you have a rooted device), tap Advanced -> MultiROM -> Add ROM -> Next -> ZIP file -> and Install whatever Android ROM you want installed.

After that, whenever you phone boots, it will present you with a list of ROMs of which to choose from, or it boots your default within 5 seconds.

You can get MultiROM from the Google Play store.

But hold off on booting into Recovery until you’ve completed the next 2 steps.

Which ROM to choose?

Well you need a base-ROM for Kali, since it only contains the Kali Launcher App which will then download everything for you.

I went ahead with AOSP / Android Open Source Project and Downloaded a ROM from nxrom.us, which already has 5.1.1 without Google Apps for my Nexus 4.

Just download the ZIP and copy it to your Phone’s SD-Card.

Where to get the NetHunter 2.0 Mako Image?

As you might have noticed, it’s listed in the “supported devices” Section over at kali.org, but you won’t find a Download link anywhere. Now you could either go ahead and compile everything from source as described in the Kali NetHunter GitHub Repo, or you could just use the shortcut binkybear on Freenode gave me, which worked nicely for me.

git clone https://github.com/offensive-security/kali-nethunter.git -b newinstaller-fj
cd AnyKernel2
python build.py -f
python build.py -d mako -l

This works on OSX as well as on Linux. You’ll get your Kali Update ZIP File which you’ll also place on your device’s SD-card.


Now when both (Android ROM + Kali) are copied to your SD-Card, you can proceed into booting into MultiBoot recovery.

Once there, tap Advanced -> MultiROM -> Add ROM -> Next -> ZIP file -> select the Android Image downloaded from nxrom.us (Android5.1.1_NX..zip).

Once that is successful, tap Back in lower Right corner, not Reboot System -> Back again -> List ROMs -> select the newly installed ROM -> Flash ZIP -> select update-nethunter-mako-…zip

Now NetHunter uses the AROMA installer, which is very nice as you’ll notice. Just tap through the quick GUI Installer and select all of the Apps, once done the installation will go back to MultiROM.

Once finished, reboot into your new system.

Great, what now?

Open the NetHunter App and install the Kali chroot, which will give you all the tools in a self-contained chroot. This might take 30 minutes to complete.

From there it’s up to you what to do. ;)

Special thanks goes out to binkybear on Freenode