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  1. iOS/iPhoneOS Equalizer with libsox - making it a .framework

    Anyway, i checked out all libraries, ffmpeg, libav and libsox. Since the command line version of sox delivered nice test results with my equalization attempts, i started to try to get the current release to compile on SDK 4.3. I had massive troubles at first, but then i found this post.

  2. Why Symbian will go down and Android/iOS will rise

    Probably everyone has used, or at least seen a Symbian based phone.If you're a normal user and don't know what i mean by "Bluetooth Stack", please stop reading or you just might not understand what i am talking about and get angry at me for no real reason.

  3. First impressions on Apple's Xcode

    So after my first iPhone (2G) broke almost 1.5 years ago, i finally got another iPhone a few days back. My dad's company (ESIRION AG) is really busy developing all kinds of fancy webapps, so he asked me if i could work my brain into developing applications for the iPhone.