Tag: Scala

  1. #Netty Channels with #Scala Implicits

    Today i just want to share a quick Scala goodie. We all know that i love Netty and Scala, so i wanted to write a little Goodie with Scala's implicits.

    With Implicits we can wrap transparently around an Object (such as io.netty.channel.Channel) and execute our own custom methods onto it.

    Below we use the Netty 4 AttributeMap together with a few nice getters and setters. This makes it typesafe and comfortable to use. :)

  2. Scala Utils with IP Subnet Matching

    Good evening everyone, so you thought i stopped blogging, but i didn't. What i did do? Well, i wrote some amazing Scala stuff.

    Apart from my Liftweb, Netty and Akka Talk at SkillsMatter, London, i was busy coding some awesome stuff for one of the new projects i am involved in. Maybe you've already seen me tweeting about them, but in case you haven't, you may Follow @wastedio on Twitter.

    Since Twitter and everyone has their own "utils" Library, we also had to have our own. But since we don't simply clone other people's work, we did some nice IP Subnet Matching for my high performance audience.

  3. My #Liftweb and #Scala Events in Fall 2012

    First off, i've never thought of myself as a presenter. My dad always taught me things but i didn't really listen, to my dismay i must add. Anyway, i think i've done quite okay in the past (since i got good feedback).

    But this fall, you have not two, not three, but four chances of seeing (and hearing) me blab on about Scala and Liftweb stuff.

  4. Flexible #CSV Parser in #Scala

    For a few months now i've been doing some CSV Imports in my Liftweb projects. This mostly is because the old databases i am migrating to something normal (PostgreSQL or MongoDB) are badly designed (mostly MySQL) and therefore i don't even want to bother with their API. So XML seemed a bit heavy for most MySQL-Admins and -Users to get, so CSV was the next "best" thing.

  5. Liftweb CSS Selectors and implicits

    When using Ruby, i found myself frequently making things like formatting methods to display a variety of things.

    def formatDouble(dbl)
         "%.2f" % dbl

    Often these output formatters are render-specific, so defining them on the model seems kinda unflexible to me. Of course if you only have one Double to format, this is not the best/quickest way to go, but imagine you have a Snippet which has 3-4 BigDecimals to format.

  6. David Pollak's Lift Basics

    Whew, the past few weeks were like a Rollercoaster ride between my personal downs and professional highs. I got even more high on Liftweb when i was voted Liftweb Committer almost two weeks back! So what's coming next?


    Puh, die letzten paar Wochen waren eine reine Achterbahnfahrt zwischen meinen persönlichen Tiefen und meinen professionellen Höhen. Die Höhen wurden noch heftiger, als ich vor knapp zwei Wochen zum Liftweb Committer gewählt wurde. Was kommt als nächstes?

  7. Liftweb Error Reports by Mail

    Having some kind of safety net when something goes wrong is never bad, so today my ass got saved my just a few lines of code (which made this thing much more easier).

  8. A polyglots tail - My Scala LiftOff Talk

    Today i held my talk at the Scala LiftOff 2011 in London. It was a very interesting event and i've met lots of interesting People. Before this event i could hardly imagine myself presenting, but i hope i did my job to everybody's satisfaction.

  9. println - a custom made suit

    Since i published println, i've had a hand full of people asking me, why it is so minimalistic, why i didn't implement more options and so on. Since most of the people were open to my view of things, i wanted to write a bit about it, so people don't get the wrong impression.