Tag: Xen

  1. #Xen 4 dynamic VLANs through VIF-script

    So last night i got really bored, so i tried to integrate VLANs in my existing Xen4 setup.

    While googling for solutions, i only found things where i'd have to statically allocate VLANs for every customer on every host through xend-config.sxp network-script.

    This also meant, that if i had a new customer vlan which i want to add to my host, i'd have to either restart xend or run

    /etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge start netdev=eth1 vlan=5

    Since this is absolutely not my style, i started investigating. Turns out there is a much better way to do so!

  2. ArchLinux domU - Setup Script

    For the past 8 years since the first official release, i was a Gentoo fan. Sure, i used some Debian boxes for this and had BSD boxes for my most precious tasks. Gentoo was always this comfortable distribution that didn’t dictate which features i had in my default packages, since i could choose “USE”-Flags myself.