My animals

The most important thing to me in this life is animals. My own of course being the top of the list.

The dates next to their names are the years they’ve spent with me, not their natural lifespan.

Fussel 2009 - today

History: My mom caught her neighbour (farmer) dragging a cat to the rain-water-barrel. This usually means the farmer has enough cats already and is trying to drown it… My mom of course started screaming and yelling and going onto his property to save the cat. A couple of days later she appeared at my appartment with her.

Since that day in 2009, she’s spent almost her entire life with me at home in the home-office.

Gender: Female
Race: Maine Coon forest cat mix
Born: Summer of 2009 near kleiner Brommbachsee, Germany

Lotte 2018 - today

History: On the 29th of November in 2018 i was going to bed when i saw the motion sensor infront of my door light up the entry. I was expecting a rat and peeked through the kitchen window, and there she sat. In the freezing November night she was seeking shelter.

The next day i tried to catch her, but a friend picked me up for bouldering so i had to try later. And indeed later that day i caught her. She was 6 weeks old according to the Vet, and she also had never seen indoors as it seemed, so of course i took her in, albeit with a few genetic defects. Today i can’t imagine a day without her and i feel so blessed to have her in my life.

Gender: Female
Race: House cat
Born: Summer of 2018 in Fürth, Germany

Yiannis and Nitsa 2019 - 2022

History: On my wife’s 40th birthday we were in Kos, Greece. While having a Spa-Day and sunbathing, we noticed a little cat on the sunbed next me. Of course i couldn’t resist but to pet her. Then she opened her deeply infected red eyes and we both had a terrible day afterwars in the day spa.

This is Nitsa (named after our Neighbour Lady in Kos, Greece)

When we were leaving the day spa, i could tell my wife couldn’t take it, so we went to a pet store and bought everything needed for a couple of nights to get one cat through. When we went back with the Cat-Travel-Bag and tried to pick her up, Yiannis was laying on top of her, really literally on top. Of course my wife picked both of them up and we brought them to GASAH (Greek and Swiss Animal Help) on Kos. They took care of everything to make them ready for travel to Germany.

This is Yiannis (named after my Friend and Car Rental Guy on Kos, Greece)

About a month later i flew down again to pick them both up and flew them home. They’re now living with my ex-wife and i miss them both so badly.

Genders: Female and Male
Race: House cats
Born: Summer of 2019 in Tigaki, Greece

Kleine Katze (Little cat) 2011 - 2021

History: When my wife moved in with me, she had two cats. Linchen and kleine Katze. Linchen was very old at the time and couldn’t come on the first trip to Nuremberg. A couple of days before my wife wanted to go back and get Linchen, she passed away… She never got to see her new home. But little cat (kleine katze), who belonged to her ex, was allowed to join me and Fussel.

She was an absolute cuddler and you wouldn’t get her off you once you started petting her.

She was also the king of the house, she solved all the beef between the cats.

Her best friend throughout the years was Fussel.

She lived happily to the age of 16. I will never forget her and i still cry when i think about her.

Gender: Female
Race: Russian Blue
Born: 2007
Died: 19th of October 2021

Peter 2016 - 2017

History: My mom got into her car one morning and when she was about to turn on the engine, she though she had seen something under the car. So she got back out and looked, there he was. First she didn’t know what to do, so she brought him to the local shelter. A couple of days later i picked him up again, furious at my mom.

He was my little boy, he sat behind our glas doors on the cat-tree and scratched the glass towards my face, because he wanted me to come inside. He loved me so so much, and i loved him back.

A couple of months into his short life he developed FeCV (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). My wife and i spent a couple of thousand euros on trying to get him treated, until one day we heard that he had water into his lungs. That’s the evening i’ll never forget and still trips me up to this day when my mind goes there. This is the one cat that absolute broke me when he passed. He was my everything.

Gender: Male
Race: House cat
Born: Summer 2016
Died: 31st of March 2017

i actually haven’t looked for a picture yet, as it breaks me every time i think about him.

Benny 2001 - 2009

History: When my first girlfriend’s father passed away, he had a little dog. I could not bare the though of an animal going to the shelter, so of course we took him in.

He was a cuddly and cute one, i loved this little fella. He of course moved out with her in 2009. We even took him on a vacation in Spain once.

Gender: Male
Race: Maltese
Born: no idea
Died: no idea

Xem 2000 - 2003

History: After Erle’s passing, it took a while for us find a new dog. My mom found Xem, a long hair german shepheard. He was such a nice boy.
Sadly he had blood cancer and we couldn’t do anything about it.

Gender: Male
Race: Long-haired german shepherd
Born: 2000
Died: iirc 2009

Ansara 1998 - 2003

History: When my mom finally found a new life-partner, we had Erle and he had Ansara. A black cat. She was very non-cuddly, but she was a great hunter, always laying dead mouse-heads for my mom to find infront of the kitchen door. She lived a long life with my mom in her new house at the lake.

Gender: Female
Race: House cat
Born: no idea
Died: no idea

Cora 1985 - 1995

History: Cora was my grandfather’s dog. She loved to play with Erle. She was a bit moodier but still a gentle dog. I loved her so much.

Gender: Female
Race: German Shepherd
Born: 1983
Died: 1995

Charly 1985 - 1992

History: Charly was my grandparent’s cat. She had one eye after an accident with a car, where my grandfather rushed her to the Vet and had her saved. She was grumpy and i don’t remember much of her, other than she loved cuddling with Cora.

Gender: Male
Race: House cat
Born: no idea
Died: 1992

Erle 1985 - 1999

History: Erle was my first dog. She was already a year old when i was born and she was my dearest friend all through my childhood. I still remember my mother coming home from the vet, only carrying the dog collar and shaking her head, then we both started crying.

Gender: Female
Race: German Shepherd
Born: 1983