Sorry if i haven’t done any recent posts. This is because i have a lot to do. One of my companies lost a contract last year due to that Quelle (a big german warehouse and online delivery service) went bankrupt last year.

I managed to get out of the rough stuff by buying everything they had stored in my warehouse for a pretty good price and selling it in my own eBay-Store at

Since that, i have to take care of a lot of contracts that need to be cancelled until mid-2010. So this is pretty time consuming since most of the contracts are long-term and it requires a lot of negotiating. So i am really sorry if i haven’t been doing that much updates in the past two Weeks.

So let me write a little about the software.

The Warehouse-Software

was completely written by me in RubyOnRails (within 4 months of development-time) and docks to several applications, mostly hacked import/export like DHL EasyLog, and Lexware (for Accounting).

Altho most of these functions are hacked, they work perfectly and stable for the past 1.5 years.

The purpose of the software is:

  • receive orders and billing-status from a platform called
  • generate a pick-list (for my employees) and bills (for shipping to the customers)
  • mark packages as sent and deliver that feedback to
  • export customer payments to Lexware

It generates picking-lists for the people working in the warehouse so they know which warespace to go and pick how-many for which customer. Of course there is also bill-printing on A3-paper (even multipage). It prints over CUPS and is optimized for a HP LaserJet 5200tn.

I implemented detailed article-movement-logs which show which article went into which package and who moved article X to place Y inside my warehouse.

In October of 2008, 1 year after i started this company and 1 year 4 months after i started coding, i had a codebase which didn’t even produce one single error since.

Which means Bug-free since 2010-08 ;) Sorry, but i gotta brag about this!

There is also a lot of export-features like exporting as Excel or CSV, so you can generate reports on the fly. Sadly this isn’t yet optimized to fork into some kind of background processing, but that’s just a piece of cake.

If anyone has need for a consultant in that area, i am more than happy to wrap my head around your ideas and give you the best of it.