I want to apologize for my absence in the past few months, but there have been some decision i had to make. One being that i quit my full-time job being an Objective-C/iOS Developer, since my contract says that i am not allowed to perform commercial iOS Coding, i will be doing something else for a while. That does not mean that i won’t blog anymore, i will just alter my focus from iOS to something else.

Another decision is, that i want to leave my workspace as clear as possible, meaning that i want to introduce and guide my fellow coders (currently being 1 apprentice) into my code, so they can go on. So far i’ve gotten very good feedback that my code is wonderful to read. Although i don’t seem to make much comments (i’ve been told), my code is pretty much self explaining. Who doesn’t love to hear that?

I don’t know what the future holds for me, i hope it has better plans than it had in 2009 and 2010 for me. My biggest customer going broke which lead to the unemployment of 5 people (which still bugs me) and the closure of my company and of course my biggest loss, my favorite grandma passing.

At this point, i want to write a few lines about my grandmother. She was and will ever be the most inspiring person to me, she knew everything. She was the first one who stressed me how important it was to learn english while she herself spoke and understood 5 or 6 languages fluently. I only know about German, French, English and Italian, but she also has a lot of cookbooks in alot of different languages. The thing i loved so much about her was, that she cooked the shit out of any kitchen. Although her food might have been a bit exotic for a little boy, but that’s how she tought me to always try food first before saying “eww”. “Only dumb kids judge food by the way it looks, the smart kids judge by the taste!” was what she used to say to me. And today? I eat almost anything, tho i have my problems with worms, bugs and other creepy stuff. But really, who likes that?

Looking into the future, i am currently thinking about developing for Android, since i have gained a very good insight on how to work with mobile devices during my almost two years it iOS development now.

Since i am still working until end of March, i will be busy until then after that i have planned some months of vacation. I guess i’ll be off the grid from April to June to rearrange a few of my thoughts and priorities.

Maybe i will blog from where i am or where i’ve been, depending on the WiFi and 3G coverage of that particular area i am in. Since i don’t know where i will go, i won’t be able to answer this upfront. :)

So wish me luck for the future, i’ll be back in a couple of months.