Homebrew is the missing Package Management Software for OSX. It is also a new kid on the Block, since it is an alternative to MacPorts which is IMHO good, but from past decade!

Homebrew consists of a git repository which has “recipes” for how to install certain software. Basically like NetBSD pkgsrc, Gentoo’s portage or Archlinux PKGBUILD. Luckily, these scripts are super-easy ruby scripts which can be commited to Homebrew through Github pull-requests. I myself recently added two packages and another one way back (tho not through a pull-request doh).

For academic cough reasons i updated Metasploit from 3.4 to 3.7.1 and added THC amap. If you look at the ruby script, it’s really super easy. Even Monkeys could do it.


So that’s me for tonight, i’m back from my vacation, so expect some more content soon. Also, i am planning on moving this Blog once and for all away from posterous, as the performance seems really bad.