A few weeks ago, i’ve written an article on How Liftweb changed my view of Web-Applications. Well since i am one lucky duck, i’ve gotten invited as a Speaker to the Scala LiftOff 2011 London by David Pollak which will occur from 13th to 14th October at Skills Matter.

What am i going to talk about?

Well i am preparing a project which integrates a Liftweb CometActor with an Akka RemoteActor which is going to be an example of how to use those two together, and how easy it can be to write highly concurrent and typesafe systems.

It’s going to be a small project, simply to show with how few lines of code you can actually achieve something really interactive for users. So don’t expect a humungus amount code, expect slick functional code. I still hope it’s worthy presenting, but i’ll do my best!

The project will be hosted on github once it’s finished, but i’ll write in detail about that in October!


If you don’t have a ticket yet, you should better get one! Check the official site Scala LiftOff 2011 London for Tickets and how to get there.

I’ll write all the fancy shit about it once i’ve held my talk, so you better watch this space or my Twitter account. ;)