Here is my list of dirty little secrets that make the game more fun and yield more kills.

Sending Players to the Gulag before they hit the ground

  • while parachuting with other players beside you, cut your parachute and start shooting at them with your weapon.
  • skydive to a helicopter fast, get in and fly into slow players with parachutes effectively sending them to the Gulag before they hit the ground.

Effectively using the time in the Gulag, when watching from above

  • spray as many your opponents as you can to make them better visible during the fight
  • if you see a player down there placing a Claymore Mine, try throwing a rock at the mine to set it off into his face
  • if a player down there gets hit and isn’t done yet, you can try to kill him by throwing rocks at his head

On the Battlefield

  • place a Trophy system on your Jeep or into your Helicopter for that automatic defense system
  • when three people on the same team call for a drone at the same time, your team will get an advance drone for the remainder of the game showing everyone on the map

if you have more of these

Just go ahead and contact me on Twitter and i will add your tips with credits here.

Now go out and use it wisely. ;)