I got to play around with CoverFlow for the past few days since i need it in an application of mine.

Sadly you are not allowed to use Apple’s API, otherwise i could just use the iPod-App API. At first i implemented the whole shebang myself. OpenGL ES is neat and is fun to code with, especially if you’ve prior knowledge of OpenGL.

I won’t bother you with the code i made, since it still has bugs and doesn’t have Caching.

So i found this Library (based on SDK 2.1) called FlowCover.


FlowCover is an OpenSource Library released under a BSD-license. The Sampleproject contains a solution done with a xib-File which is for Interface Builder. Since i don’t like that, i’ve quickly wrote the code needed and made the sample a lot shorter.

You only need the following files out of the sample-project:

  • FlowCoverView.h and .m
  • DataCache.h and .m

Since the sample contains an ugly view with a “done”-Button, i’ve complete left that part out so you can use it cleanly anywhere you want.

My ViewController is named FlowCoverViewController and is attached to the AppDelegate:

This saves you about 10KB in size and works nicely!