Today i received a Spam-Mail from Dell Germany about setting up my whole office with Dell computers. At first i laughed about that statement, since i am not the biggest fan. I didn’t know that i would be crying about how limited this company really is. Since Mail-Path and Unsubscribe-URL looked authentic, i clicked this 200+ chars URL to unsubscribe and was given a form for unsubscribing.

I figured, since there was quite an assload of parameters given, that Dell would already have supplied my e-mail address somewhere in those base64-parameters. Well, they didn’t. This is a huge fuck-up in my opinion, since Dell is always telling us how user-friendly they are and how innovative and shit, but that’s just typical marketing i guess.

I bet they think that entering my own E-Mail-Address is somehow a security check!

Anyway, that page said that it can take up to 48 hours until i get removed and that during that period, it could happen that i still get spam. I thought 48 hours was long, but when i hit unsubscribe and read the confirmation e-mail i was hit like a deer in the headlights.

In the confirmation e-mail i was told, that it could take up to 21 work days! YES, you read right. 21 fucking work days. WTF?

I knew that Dell was incompetent because of their Linux Update-Tools they release, but a company that sells computer and constantly tells us how innovative their stuff is, should not need 21 work-days (over 4 weeks) to remove me from a Newsletter! This is really bad marketing for them.

You might ask “what about their Linux Update-Tools?”

If you’re not one of those SLES / RHEL losers, congrats! But you might run into troubles updating your Servers Firmware for whatever needs updating. I myself find it daunting to search for an glibc which is like 2 years old.

Why don’t they release static binaries or just release the sources? I guess they don’t really need to know what they’re doing, but they probably think it’s good as long as they’re doing something.


Don’t buy dell hardware and never subscribe to their newsletter! There is no knowledge behind anything. The hardware is also (imho) a joke.