Since i have been heavily developing my new project CoinMines, i’ve stumbled upon some nice Comet-possibilites in the Liftweb Google Groups where Timothy Perrett describes his way of doing those replies.

Since this particular part is not documented very well, i will try to shed some light on it.

Example Code

In this particular example, we use the the Clock from the Liftweb Demo and modified the source to do Liftweb-style CSS Selectors.

In order to use that, you need something like this:

What happens is, the NodeSeq we pass into the CometActor is stored in defaultHtml, where you can “reapply” the CSS Selector onto it, getting back the complete NodeSeq but with updated results.

It is really really simple to do amazing things in Lift where other Frameworks just eat up your time.

I am so happy i switched, can’t think of a good reason why i should switch to something else in the near future.

Anyway, there is a Bitcoin, Solidcoin and Namecoin Mining-Pool running on with my CoinMines Frontend, since it is under heavy development, i suggest you check it out every once in a while, currently doing the statistics.