Today i finally found some time to do a little work on my project called CoinMines. CoinMines is an Open Source Web-Frontend for PoolServerJ and pushpool. Pooled mining is the process of hashing the transactions that occur in the Bitcoin network. Successfully hashing a block of transactions results in a reward.

Pooled mining is a way for many miners to work together in the process of hashing transactions, and then split the reward among the members based on their contribution. This gives users a steady payout, eliminating some (but not all) of the luck factor.

This means: instead of mining by yourself to get a new block (50 BTC), you can work together with others thus earning Bitcoins in small steps rather than big ones. This also means that with only a few hours of a days work, you can be looking at a 0.2-0.5 BTC a day (give or take depending on your hardware).

So it can handle PoolServerJ and pushpool

Totally! But you have to put PoolServerJ into compatibility-mode.

I’ve taken the time to put configuration-files for both into the configs/ directory of the github repository, so you’ll get started easily with whatever poolserver you’d like to run with. I’d personally recommend PoolServerJ since it’s Java and is highly maintained.

Release 0.1

Since i didn’t like any frontends out there, i took the liberty to write my own frontend which has riped to v0.1 over the past few Months. I am currently working on it, so it should be ready for production in about a few weeks.

Unofficial Mining Pool

Currently there is an unofficial Mining Pool running CoinMines, namely The Operator of the Pool is skewb35, but as far as i’ve seen, he keeps up with recent development and is a really nice guy! ;]

If you choose to calculate with, please keep in mind that you are supporting this project because i get share-statistics to finish up the payment-process, no IP Addresses will be transmitted to me! That’s why i am gonna say this clearly, FUCK OFF GOVT. I no haz ipaddr :<

Btw. if you want to donate, you can send your donations to

  • 1LJBo5gYcymgbaRSYkf8SRxNAUtjzV4wb7.

If you want to setup your own Mining Pool, just visit for an installation howto.