Since i published println, i’ve had a hand full of people asking me, why it is so minimalistic, why i didn’t implement more options and so on. Since most of the people were open to my view of things, i wanted to write a bit about it, so people don’t get the wrong impression.

println does not strive to be complete, nor the feature-richest blogging software. It has a simple task, to be as minimalistic as possible.


Because i know the problem, that you are looking for a blogging software which can do everything! But when you find it, you often notice after a while, that it has just too much stuff and it gets either slow, complicated or worst case, both.

Having a lot of configuration-options means a lot of code to check for them, this also means a lot of points of error and performance impact on every single “is it enabled?”-check.

I want to give the developer the choice. println is fairly basic, but it is in my opinion a good start for someone who wants to get publishing with something that is more sized to fit.

Think about it: Would you rather present yourself at a job interview in a cheap suit off the shelf or something cut to fit?

Now i know that a lot of people do not care for suits, but at least you won’t take your sloppiest clothes out the closet, but something that fits and looks good.

Enough with the metaphors.

But i don’t know Scala, how can i get started?

Well, Scala is pretty is easy to learn. What would you do when you had to modify some PHP-Guestbook or Forum just so it would fit into your page? Yes you eventually learned PHP and fixed those 3 lines.

What i am saying is, learn Scala if you want to use this particular software. There is no point in people managing software which they can not control, and by control i mean “fix serious shit when the roof is coming down”.

So it is not Wordpress/Serendepity/ubersomething?

NO! But thanks to Java under the Hood, it scales like crazy over Java Application Servers like Jetty or Apache Tomcat.

Also worth mentioning, since it is not PHP, but done with the Liftweb Framework, it almost eliminates the OWASP top 10 security threats. Thanks dpp!

What can you do with it?

You can freely download and use it from github and do whatever you want to the code (BSD-License).

You can also contact my business if you want me to customize println for your needs and help you get started.

Since it is published under a BSD-license, feel free to produce Closed Source Products, but keep the publication-clause in mind!

I hope you get my point and my philosophy, if not, i can’t help you. But in layman’s terms and last metaphore: if you do not know what you’re doing, don’t do it! Or would you change Tires on a Tourbus and bet yours (and other) lifes on it as opposed to calling Triple-A / ADAC?