So my first Open-Source-Community-Christmas-Present (or OSCCP) is for the Akka and Wowza-Community.

Yesterday i found a nice way to use Scala inside the Wowza Media Server. It’s a Streaming-Server like Red5, but it works better. It can handle Live-Streams, Pre-recorded Content and all those kinds of things, haven’t yet had the chance read the full docs, but as far as my buddy elm0 told me, this is the way to go in regards to flash video crapshoes.

So what does it do?

The Wowza Media Server (as already said) is an alternative to Red5. It is capable of coders writing extensions/callback-Handlers in java, and drop those .jars into the lib-folder of it.

This is in my opinion a very nice way of letting coders decide what the backend should allow/reject, and it also allows for a much more fine grained way to connect multiple of those servers to a “Master”/Coordination-Node and keep each user-session managed.

Lucky for us Scala folks, we can simply drop our own jars in there, and even better, we can use Akka to build a Remote-Connection to our Master- or Frontend-Server.

Since today i don’t feel like much copy and pasting, (plus i wanna have some more fun with Wowza and Akka), i’ll simply redirect you to the code. ;)

May the source be with you

The project can be found on GitHub, i also removed the advertisement clause from the BSD-license for this project, old habits prevail much too often.


To my very best friend elm0 who got me into Wowza last night, and also thanks to mikukopteff who’s Github Project Streamlet inspired me to do this.

Happy Christmas