You have a successful company, employ a handfull of people, make enough money to not have to worry about where your food is coming from and how you’re going to pay your rent. Yes, it sounds nice.

But then suddenly your grandma dies, your beloved grandma no one ever could replace. Imagine a warm and loving grandma who loves to cook all day and take long walks with her dog. So that one person you could always turn to who would always have something meaningful AND helpful to say is gone. But she lived half way around the world, so what do you do?

Since money is not an issue, you feel your duty calling and book the next trip to get to your grandmother’s funeral without hesitation. Imagine your best friend saying “hey dude, i’ve taken 2 weeks vacation, you wanna go to hawaii?”, wouldn’t that be awesome?

So a few months pass by, and you decide to take a trip to spain to attend your buddy’s birthday party. While you’re having the time of your life there, you meet that one person. That one person in 7 billion people! Possibly you see parts of your grandmother in her, her attitude towards life, her cooking, what she likes to eat and drink. But she lives 300km away, but okay, you should be able to manage that, you think. You’re positive! Energized!

When you get back home, you catch on the tv-ticker that your biggest client just went bankrupt, and that you probably gonna have to close your shop. This is bad news! But you pull through the whole ordeal, put a lot of money in it so you don’t have to declare Chapter 11, dust yourself off and start fresh!

So you reset your life, start a whole new company and forget the past, looking at the future with your new “girlfriend” ahead. Imagine yourself dreaming of that person all day, drifting away, asking your self what she might be doing, but i guess you know how that feels.

Imagine yourself being apart from the person you love, being forbidden by that person to move there, not knowing what’s happening in that persons life. What would you do?

You get angry, with everything, with everyone except that one person, even more than when you closed your company, even worse than when you’ve had to let all your employees go, and for the worst of all, it makes you even more mad than when your grandma died. Imagine being so angry, that you are unable to think clearly, being in rage all day every day, is this worth living?

But you find the strength, day after day, month after month, year after year, to stay that one person whom you might see once every other month, faithful. Imagine you having to work all day every day, since you cannot enjoy free time. Imagine forcing yourself to work relentlessly despite the psychological pain that is in you. Spare time is being considered punishment since your thoughts only drift around that one in 7 billion, so you work, day in and day out. Your sleep cycle gets fucked up, you don’t eat anymore, or at least barely. And again i ask you, what would you do?

After doing this for over two years, you simply cannot deal with it anymore, you break down. You don’t know what to do, where to go to make it better. Still, being unable to get to the one person that you love the most, whom you would give the world if you had it, it drives you bad crap crazy.

At last, you’ve suffocated that one person with your need for basic human interaction, so you will get your keys to your apartment back, which have been used once a year, you have christmas presents for that one person laying around which you hoped to gift personally (rather than DHL), because you didn’t know if you were going to see that person before christmas again or not.

When you find that one person that connects you to the world, you become someone different, someone better. When that person is taken from you, what do you become then?